"Shall we order dessert?"
"No thanks… i’m stuffed.

She had so much love to give and yet no one demanding it.


“A Collection: Carnivorous Plants”, acrylic gouache on paper
These often redden plants eat animals and insects and are so unusually beautiful.
A Collection is a year-long series of small gridded paintings updated bimonthly. If you’d like to see the progress so far, take a look. 



Squirrel being fed by a marionette of an old lady being controlled by an old lady. My life is complete   

Life goals

#scroll out#reveal the giant squirrel pulling her strings

I see you, Fox News.

Will I be something?
Am I something?

And the answer comes:
You already are.
You always were.
And you still have time to be.

— Anis Mojgani  (via elauxe)

Once a fuckboy, always a fuckboy.

— Mother Teresa  (via sadgirl1017)